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Brankic super slider

Brankic super slider has similar structure as Accordion or Tab. First step is to choose Brankic Super Slider Wrapper and set some general settings

  • Slider type
  • Slider height
  • Navigation type
  • Navigation horizontal align
  • Navigation vertical align
  • Navigation color
  • Slide border radius
  • Fullwidth
  • Auto Height
  • Mouse Wheel Control
  • Grab Cursor
  • Content horizontal align
  • Content vertical align
  • Fade effect
  • Autoplay

Now you have to insert as many Super slides as you want. We’ve created custom template for slide where you have to insert some basic stuff and do some customization, but real power of this slider is possibility to insert whatever you want into slide. You have to insert Row into slide and you’ll be able to edit this slide through Visual Composer and to use all shortcodes.

  • Slide type
  • Background image
  • Background image (URL from external source)
  • Background image position
  • Background image repeat
  • Background image size
  • Slide background color
  • Gradient background
  • Slide caption
  • Color of caption
  • Slide content
  • Content horizontal align
  • Content vertical align