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Custom Fields – Pages

Margins & Paddings

All of these options are the same as the options in Myriad panel (Theme Options), but since you can have page with specific content (different hero holder, sidebar…), sometimes is useful to override these Global settings.

Default margin – left and right margin if you want to override margins set in Theme Options

Default bottom margin – override value defined in Theme Options

Default padding – Override paddings set in Theme Options

Default top/right/bottom/left padding – if you want custom values for top/right/bottom/left padding

Width, sidebar and colors

Override settings from Theme Options

Page content width

Page Sidebar

Default Content Background Color

Default Content Text Color

Default Content Link Color

Animated background transition – You have to select background color for each row (Brankic background in Row settings in Visual Composer)

Hero holder

Most of these options are set in Theme Options, but sometimes there is a need to change it on specific pages. Hero holder is the top section of the page where Title and post meta are.

Extra padding for first row – Sometimes it looks better if you add some padding to first row depending on header layout

Hide Title and Featured image

Title (and Featured image) Background Color

Title (and Featured image) Background Color Opacity


Title Color

Title Position

Title (and Featured image) Height

Change colors in header

Header options specific for this page only.

Custom Menu Font Color for this page only

Custom Menu Background Color for this page only

Custom Menu Background Color Opacity for this page only

Switch logo and logo 2 – Only for default header

Change header logo and color (only if transparent Default header is selected). – You have to check the same option for each row you want to change header menu color

New Menu color

Link hover colors – Comma separated color codes.
hover, background_1, background2…

Default header custom transparency and visibility – Many custom options for menu on specific page