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We’ve extended standard Visual Composer Gallery shortcode with some new layouts.

Grid and Grid Advanced use grid layout, but in Advanced mode, you can have images which are twice wider or (and) higher than standard grid block. You have to define these bigger images with classes w2 and h2. Better take a look at screenshot of the shortcode backend and frontend (right hand side image). As you can see first image is twice wider and higher, so we’ve entered class w2 h2. Next image is twice wider (normal height) so the class is w2, and third image is twice higher (normal width) so the class is h2. All other images are normal, so you don’t have to insert w1 or h1 class.

Other options are self explanatory, so we’ll only list them here

Columns, Image Radius Size (rounded corners), Gap (between images), Duotone (you all know where is detailed explanation), Height (percent of screen height)


Grid Advanced

Masonry is well known layout. Width is the same, but height is variable and it depends of original image proportions. Below you can see some examples, and you can see that (without any photo editor) with Duotone effect you can make images black & white.


Masonry with gap and duotone effect