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We are using unique Image shortcode with more options than default one.

  • Image – Choose image from Media Library, or upload the one from your computer
  • Image (URL from external source) – If you want to use image from another server, insert full URL here. In that case you won’t be able to use custom sizes
  • Thumb sizes – We’ve created several custom sizes for each image uploaded to Media library.
  • Show srcset – disable only if you understand srcsets.
  • Shadow color – Shadow around the image
  • Border radius – radius of rounded corners
  • Duotone effect – All Duotone options
  • Hover opacity – You can change opacity from low to high and vice versa when you hover the image
  • Pretty Photo pop-up Original image will be shown in pop-up window (or URL if you insert it below
    URL – If you don’t use Pretty Photo, you can use image as the link to some other page, or website.

Single color

Gradient color

This effect is available on shortodes and elements where images are used, such as Carousel, Category, Collage, Image, Instagram feed, Team Member, Gallery.