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Our theme is heavily depended on shortcodes.

Since we’re using Visual Composer, basic shortcodes are for rows and columns.

Each element is positioned inside these shortcodes (vc_row, vc_column)

Beside Visual Composer shortcodes, there are a lots of ours

Accordion Wrapper – Accordion options (style, colors, gradients, active segment…)

Accordion – Caption and content of single accordion item

Auto Type – Typewriter effect with many options

Background Video – Video with poster image and color mask

Blockquote – Advanced Blockquote shortcode

Box (with Icon) – Simple, but with lots of options, text box with icon, hover and much more

Button – Highly customized button

Carousels -Powerful shortcode. There’s a separate page about this shortcode

Category – Another powerful shortcode. There’s also a separate page about this shortcode

Collage images – 3 overlapped images with duotone effect and some basic adjustments

Contact Form 7 templates – Add one of created (imported) contact forms

Counter (with icon) – Animated counter with a lots of options

Divider – Text divider with icon

Flip Box -Box with hover option. Very customizable options

Fullpage Slider Wrapper – Another slider

Fullpage slide – Insert whatever you want

Grid Wrapper – Grid options (columns, aligment, border)

Grid Element – grid cell content

Icon – Icons from 8 libraries (Font Awesome, Linea, Mono Social, Open Iconic, Entypo, Linecons, Mono Social, Tipicons) with some extra options (border, color, text…)

Image – Some additional image options. Duotone of course.

Instagram Feed – Just follow the instructions to create token and you’ll be able to show your Instagram feed without any plugin

List Wrapper – List wrapper with some Brankic specific options

List – Check, arrow, plus… Background, border…

Map – Insert Google map without specific plugin

Marquee – Animated scrolling text with many options (colors, gradient, speed…)

Overlap text – 2 row overlapped text

Pie Charts Wrapper -Speed, color, size…

Pie Chart – Value, caption, width

Pricing Table Wrapper -Table options

Pricing Table -complicated but very useful for showing pricing options

Progress Bars Wrapper – Progress bars options (speed, style, radius)

Progress Bar – Animated progress bars

Restaurant menu item – Everything you have to put on restaurant menu

Reveal Text – the name of shortcode speaks for itself

Scroll Button – 5 styles of button

Section title – Catchy title with gradient options, size, position, font

Share – Share page on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest or LinkedIn

Sidebar – Insert one of many custom sidebars from Widgets panel

Social Icons – Six layouts, colors, hover colors, gradient colors…

Steps Wrapper -Steps options (orientation, colors…)

Step – Single step content

Super Slider Wrapper – Versatile slider wrapper

Super Slide – You can insert whatever you want into each slide. WHATEVER YOU WANT

Swiper Vertical Slider Wrapper – Slider options (pagination, position)

Swiper Vertical Slide – Slide content

Tabs Wrapper – Choose one of three styles and tabs colors, active tab…

Tab – tabbed user interface for content

Team Member – Powerful Team member block with picture, name, position and many options

Toggle – Toggle element

Vertical Text – Vertically oriented text

WOW Wrapper – WOW CSS animation (~80 styles)