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Carousel blog

Carousel is very powerful shortcode with myriad of options.

In each slide you easily you can show Single image, Instagram post, Team member,.

You can also show Blog posts, Woocommerce products, Portfolio items or Testimonials if you have these items organized into categories. All you have to choose desired category and all items from that category will be in carousel.

If you want to control each slide, you have to choose “Team Members / Single Image / Text Block / Instagram” option and insert content for each slide.

Below are options and examples for Blog Carousels

Blog Posts Carousel

And these are the options

  • Carousel Content – Blog
  • Category to show – Don’t forget to organize posts into categories
  • Blog style – Check examples below
  • Shadow color – Shadow around posts
  • Thumb sizes – chose one of many predefined images sizes
  • Duotone effect – we have separate help page for this effect
  • Image radius / Radius size – Rounded corners size
  • Slide height – height of slide (percent of screen height)
  • Show author, comments, categories, tags, date – Post meta
  • Auto Height – All slides will have same height
  • Limit – Number of testimonials to show in carousel
  • Loop – infinite slides or not
  • Number of slides – how many slides will be visible on screen
  • Centered – centered od left aligned
  • Auto Play – should caroudles starts on page load
  • Delay in ms – delay between slide movement
  • Speed in ms – speed of slide movement
  • Emphasize Size of Active Slide – Active slide will be bigger than others
  • Emphasize Opacity of Active Slide – Non active slides will be greyed
  • Gap between slides – distance between slides
  • Fade effect (Only if 1 number of slides is selected) – fade in /out effect
  • Carousel Navigation – arrows, dots, or lines
  • Bottom navigation alignment – alignment on navigation block
  • Fraction Pagination – add fractions (1/4, 2/4…)
  • Carousel Navigation Color – color of lines, dots, or arrows

Title Options

These options are the same as the one in Category shortcode

  • Titles color
  • Category /post meta color
  • Hovers color
  • Hovers 2 color
  • Title font family
  • Title font size
  • Title font weight
  • Title font style
  • Title text transform
  • Title letter spacing
  • Title line height