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Theme Options

Theme Options / Myriad Panel

Customize every single detail...

Theme Options are located under Appearance menu od the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard.

Some of the options can be overridden on post or page (Custom Fields) and this will be mentioned in the next chapter.


Default content width Width of the content you enter with Visual Composer or default WodrPress editor. You can define width of the Header and Footer also
Content background color Background color of the content (width is defined above)
Default content margin If you choose Custom, you have to define Default content top margin and Default content bottom margin
Default content padding If you choose Custom, you have to define Default content top padding, Default content right padding, Default content bottom padding and Default content left padding
Favicon Icon in browser tab
Default sidebar for pages There’re 3 custom sidebars which you can use. You can override sidebar for each page or post
Page transitions Animated page transitions
Extra JavaScript For advanced users. Easy way (if you have medium jQuery/JavaScript knowledge) to change something on the page
Extra CSS For advanced users. Easy way (if you have medium CSS  knowledge) to change something on the page
Back to Top “Scroll to top” button which becomes visible when the user starts to scroll the page.
Customize cursor Change default arrow/hand cursor. You can choose Cursor color too
Disable responsive layout Turn off responsive behavior
Disable sticky sidebars Most sidebars in our theme are sticky. If you don’t like it, you can disable this.
Instagram If you want to use our Instagram shortcode, you have to create Client ID, Access Token and to find out your User ID.
To find out your user ID go to https://codeofaninja.com/tools/find-instagram-user-id
To get Client ID go to http://instagram.com/developer/clients/manage/
To get Access Token go to http://www.brankic1979.com/instagram/


Text color
Link color, hover color
Tag cloud colors (for blog page and for sidebar and single posts)
Link and Quote format colors On Blog 4 and Blog 6 there are special styles for these post formats
Highlight text color

Highlight text background color

Highlight text background color 2

These are used for several highlight options available in Formats drop down menu of Tinymce editor (Text Block in Visual Composer)
Sidebar Link color, Sidebar Link hover color If you’re using Text widget you can use HTML to change colors.
Headings setings Here you can define size, weight, style, transform, line height, spacing for H1-H6 and all of that for responsive layout.

Social Sharing

Social sharing for pages
Social sharing for posts
Social sharing for portfolio items
Icon color, Icons shape, Icons hover style, Background hover color, Background icon color Style of these icons (same as in the shortcode Social Icons)
Facebook share, Twitter share, LinkedIn share, Google Plus share, Tumblr share, Pinterest share If you don’t want to use all of these, simple disable it. To edit the code, you have to edit function brankic_single_share in  functions.php


Google API key You have to get  the key if you want to use Google web fonts. https://developers.google.com/fonts/docs/developer_api
Main font (size, weight, size, spacing, height) Choose one font for whole content (you can override it in editor).
Headings (H1, H2 … H6) font Choose one font for headings.
Menu fonts Choose one font for menu items.
Custom font You can use “normal” system font for Main, Headings and Menu font
Typekit Kit ID Adobe Typekit fonts. You have to create ID if you want to use these fonts.
Google Web Font family, Google Web Font family, variants and subset Choose up to 4 Google Web Fonts. Variants and Subsets will be auto populate and you can change it if you want (and if you know what you’re doing)


Logo Primary logo
Logo 2 Logo to use if hero holder or row has similar background color as Primary logo. You have to check the option in custom field below the editor and in the Row settings (if you’re using Visual Composer)
Header style for entire site Header (menu) style (some menus don’t support submenus (e.g. Lateral Toggle Flex and Flow)
Default header align Aligment of content in Default (top) menu
Default header layout Layout of top menu
Overlay / 3 lines menu type Several types of 3 lines menu (different layout on click)
Background colors for overlay background colors menu Customize background colors of Overlay background colors menu.
Default header custom transparency and visibility Customize layout of top menu od scroll.
Header overflow Top menu overlays the content of the page or not.
Fixed header Top menu is always visible.
Scroll to top visible Top menu is visible only when you scroll up the page.
Border visible
Default header height obrisano privremeno
Default header width obrisano privremeno mozda
Default Header Fullwidth
Default header left and right padding
Header background color
Default Header Gradient Background
Header background color opacity
Text color in header
Text hover (and selected) color in menu
Default header submenus color light


Default header font size
Header font transform Header font transform
Default header font weight
Header  background image
Overlay Menu Color
Overlay menu font size
Overlay menu font weight
Overlay Widgets color
Overlay menu background image
Overlay menu background color
Overlay menu background color opacity

Page title and featured images

Hero holder background color
Hero holder backgorund color opacity
Hero holder title color
Hero holder title position
Hero holder height
Hero holder scroll button

Blog page (Category / Archive)

Arhive (category, autor, tag) page style
Arhive (category, autor, tag) number of columns
Show title for category /archive / tag / author pages
Default sidebar for category / archive pages
Thumb size
WOW effect, WOW delay
Show date
Show author
Show comments count
Show tags
Archive navigation text color
Archive navigation background color
Archive navigation background color opacity
Hero holder image for archive pages
Default Image

Blog single

Default Single Post Style
Single Post Content Width
Content background color
Content text color
Default sidebar for single posts
Show related posts
Default Single Post Style Navigation Post navigation text color, Post navigation background color, Post navigation background color opacity
Single Post Content Padding Single Post content top padding, Single Post content right padding, Single Post content bottom padding, Single Post content left padding
Single Post content margin Single Post content top margin, Single Post content bottom margin
Single post Hero holder background color, Single post Hero holder backgorund color opacity, Single post Hero holder title color, Single post Hero holder title position, Single post Hero holder height

Portfolio items

Portfolio Item default style
Portfolio Item Content Width
Portfolio Item Content background color
Portfolio Item Content text color
Default sidebar for portfolio items
Portfolio Item details caption
Portfolio Item detail 1 caption, Portfolio Item detail 2 caption, Portfolio Item detail 3 caption, Portfolio Item detail 4 caption
Portfolio Item content caption
Default Portfolio Post Style Navigation Portfolio Post navigation text color, Portfolio Post navigation background color, Portfolio Post navigation background color opacity
Show testimonials below the content Testimonial category to show, Number of items to show (-1 for all), Testimonial  type
Carousel Navigation Carousel Navigation Color, Carousel Background Pattern,  Carousel Background color, Carousel Background color 2, Carousel Text color, Carousel Speed in ms, Carousel Slides per view (integer or auto), Carousel Gap between slides
Portfolio Item Content Padding Portfolio Item content top padding, Portfolio Item content right padding, Portfolio Item content bottom padding, Portfolio Item content left padding
Portfolio Item content margin Portfolio Item content top margin, Portfolio Item content bottom margin


Footer width
Footer style
Footer widgets layout
Footer widgets alignment
Footer 1st row background color
Footer background image
Footer background image style
Footer 1st row text color, Footer 1st row link color, Footer 1st row link hover color
Same style as Footer 1
Default footer padding Default footer top padding, Default footer right padding, Default footer bottom padding, Default footer left padding