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Blog single

  • Default Single Post Style – There are 3 blog single layouts (fullwidth, sticky or with sidebar). You can customize each of these general layouts
  • Single Post Content Width – Content width (fullwidth, 1440px, 1280px, or 1000px)
  • Single Post Content width on Tablet – Sometimes it’s better to use different width on tablets
  • Single Post Content Padding
  • Single Post content top, right, bottom and left padding – If you choose custom padding, select padding for each side
  • Single Post content margin
  • Single Post content top margin, bottom margin – If you want custom top and bottom margin, insert it here.
  • Content background color – background color
  • Content text color – text color. If nothing is selected values from Typography section will be used
  • Content link color – Link colors in posts
  • Content link hover color – Link hover colors in posts
  • Default sidebar for single posts – Choose one of three custom sidebars in Widgets section
  • Sidebar links (color, hover color) – style colors in sidebar
  • Show related posts – you don’t need plugin for related posts. This option is included into MyriadWP and uses our simple, but effective logic for choosing right posts to show.

Post Navigation Settings

  • Default Single Post Style Navigation –  there are 6 unique single post navigation layouts
  • Post navigation link in the middle – on some layouts there is a button between next and previous post. Here you can define Parent page.
  • Post navigation duotone effect – define background gradient options with up to 3 colors and 9 directions
  • Fullwidth navigation section (recommended for Previous / Next styles)  – you can have fullwidith navigation section (or content width)
  • Post navigation text color, background color, background color opacity  – more design options

Featured Image / Title Settings

With these options you can control changing of colors in header when it overflows rows where header is not clearly visible. All of these options you can override on each posts (depending on featured image)

  • Change logo and header font color below Featured image – Only if Default header and Fullwidth post style are selected WITHOUT background color. This is very useful if background color is light and your logo is white and menu color is also white
  • New Menu Font color below Featured image
  • Change logo and header font color over Featured image – Only if Default header and Fullwidth post style are selected
  • New Menu Font color over Featured image – Self-explainatory
  • Single post Hero holder title color, background color, background color opacity, title weight, title size  – customize hero holder colors and style
  • Duotone – duotone effect on featured image
  • Parallax – parallax effect on scrolling
  • Single post Hero holder title position – position title and meta data in hero holder
  • Single post Title and Featured image height – Height of hero holder section.
  • Post Scroll button – clicking this button you’ll be scrolled to the begining of the content of the post. There are 5 different button shapes (arrows, arrow, mouse, line, pulse)

Comment form Settings

  • Comment form button shape – rectangle or rounded button for submitting the comment
  • Text on comment button – Post Comment is default
  • Comment form button size – Small, medium, large or XL
  • Comment form button gradient direction and background colors – Nice gradient background of the button where you can choose 9 gradient directions and 2 colors (background and hover background)