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Footer in MyriadWP is highly customizable area of the theme. All content is managed with widgets, and you can customize these widgets in Appearance > Widgets. There you’l see widget sidebars and in the options described below you’ll define positions of these widgets in rows and columns of footer area.

  • Don’t show footer – You can hide footer for some reason
  • Footer width – width of footer area
  • Footer width on tablet – width of footer area viewing on tablet device
  • Footer positioning – fixed or normal. Fixed footer is visible only when you scroll to the bottom of the page content (it’s not always visible)
  • Default footer padding – same options like for content padding
  • Footer widgets layout – Choose number of columns and layout (width) of these columns
  • Footer widgets alignment – alignment of widgets content. Beside standard alignments (left, justify, right) you can choose our custom alignments. First widget area left aligned, last widget area right aligned, and middle areas are centered, and another custom alignment is combination of left alignments for all widgets except last one, which have right alignment
  • Footer background options (colors,  background image)  – you can choose up to three colors for background and direction of gradient (linear directions or radial), or you can choose background image (cover, contain, no repeat, repeat) with color mask so you don’t need to edit the image in photoshop.
  • Footer text color, link color, link hover color – more standard text color options
  • Footer border – Border around whole footer content. Choose color, width and custom options (only top border, only side and bottom, or whole border)
  • Footer 2nd row options – Guess what? You can add another row in footer with same options as above
  • Same style for 2nd row Footer as Footer 1st row – Use the same background image and style as for Footer above. This is handy if you want one background image (or same gradient background) for both rows in the footer
  • Footer Title Settings – Font family, size, weight… of widget titles in footer area