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Portfolio items

Portfolio items are custom post type. It’s similar to normal posts, but there’s more emphasize on Extra images, and less on text.

There is also custom meta area where you can insert up to 4 meta fields.

There are 3 portfolio styles. You can see on our Live previews examples, or, check all examples on our Examples site

  • Portfolio Item default style – Here you can set default style for all portoflio items, but you can change it  for each portfolio item if you want. Right now there are 3 styles (Split Screen, Featured Image and Featured Title)
  • Portfolio Item Content Width – Width of whole content
  • Text Container Width – Width of textual content
  • Portfolio Item Content width on Tablet – Sometimes it’s better to change this width on responsive devices
  • Portfolio Item Content Padding – padding of content
  • Portfolio Item content top, right, bottom, left padding – if you choose Custom padding above, here you can define specific padding for each side
  • Portfolio Item content margin – margins settings
  • Portfolio Item content top / bottom margin – specific top and bottom margins (if you choose Custom margin above)
  • Portfolio item content colors – set default background, text, link and link hover colors

Featured Image / Title Settings

Depending of the style you choose there are several options to customize this area (similar to Hero holder)

  • Title background color for Featured / Title style – Background color for section with title (above Featured image in this style)
  • Change logo and header font color over Title – If logo and menu color are similar to background color over Title section, it’s smart to show alternate logo and to change color of menu.
  • New Menu Font color over Title – new menu color when menu is scrolled over title section
  • Change logo and header font color over Featured image – If logo and menu color are similar to dominate color of featured image, it’s smart to show alternate logo and to change color of menu.
  • New Menu Font color over Featured image – new menu color when menu is scrolled over featured image
  • Change logo and header font color below Featured image – If logo and menu color are similar to background color below Title section or Featured image, it’s smart to show alternate logo and to change color of menu.
  • New Menu Font color below Featured image – new menu color when menu is scrolled below featured image
  • Title area fullwidth / Container Width- In style Title Featured Image you can customize separately width of Title section and width of Featured Image
  • Featured image area fullwidth / Container Width- Width of Featured Image section in styles Fullwidth and Title Featured Image
  • Portfolio Title and Featured image background color and opacity – with opacity active, this is semi transparent mask for this area.
  • Parallax – scroll animation effect only for Fullwidth style
  • Portfolio Title color, weight, size, position – Customize title style and position
  • Portfolio Featured image height – height of section with background image
  • Portfolio Title height (Style Featured Title) – Customize height of Title section (only in style Featured Title)
  • Portfolio post Scroll button – button (5 styles) for scrolling to text content below Featured title.

Portfolio Attributes Settings

  • Attributes Layout – Show atts inline, in column or in list.
  • Portfolio Item Attributes caption – Caption above custom meta data
  • Portfolio Item attribute 1/2/3/4 caption – meta data captions. On each post you can change values for these captions.
  • Portfolio Item content caption – Custom caption before text content
  • Show related posts – you can show up to 4 related posts below the portfolio post content.

Extra images Settings

Extra images are in the focus in Portfolio posts. There are a lots of options so you can control almost every aspect of images layout.

  • Extra Images Layout – You can choose  5 static galleries or Carousel. These galleries are the same with same options like Gallery shortcode (Stack, Flex, Grid, Grid advanced, Masonry, Carousel).
  • Extra Images Container Width – width of the section with Extra images
  • Fullwidth images container – should container stretch from side to side of the screen?
  • Disable padding for Extra images container – useful for fullwidth container, or any other reason
  • Carousel options – Define height of carousel, navigation type, color, fade, loop, speed, delay,  gap and alignment.
  • Emphasize Opacity / Size of Active Slide – Active slide can be little big bigger than others, and non active slides can be shaded.
  • Extra Images Columns  – Columns for static galleries
  • Stretch last row – In Flex gallery, you can stretch images in last row to fill whole row (e.g. if you have 4 images and 3 columns, 4th image will be wide and stretch through 3 columns)
  • Image radius size – rounded corners
  • Extra Images Gap –  gap between images in gallery
  • Height for Grider and Flex – Image height (percent of screen height)
  • Images width and height – In Grider Advanced gallery you can control width and height of images in the gallery.
  • Duotone effects on Extra Images – duotone effects on all images in gallery

Portfolio Navigation Settings

These options define the layout of Next / Previous navigation below the portfolio post content. Settings are the same as settings for normal posts navigation

  • Default Portfolio Post Style Navigation – You can show links only to next post, or you can show both previous and next posts.
  • Portfolio navigation link in the middle – if you choose to show both next and previous posts, you have to define link in between these posts (usually it’s main portfolio page)
  • Duotone effects on background images – All duotone effects  on background images (in styles which are not Simple)
  • Fullwidth navigation section (recommended for Previous / Next styles) – Stretch navigation section over whole screen
  • Portfolio Post navigation text color, background color and opacity – standard options for text color and background with opacity

Testimonials Settings

We have custom type Testimonials and we can use these testimonials on Portfolio posts in form of carousel. There are several settings

  • Show testimonials below the content – Of course, you don’t have to show this section
  • Testimonial category to show – If you have organized Testimonials items by category, you can choose specific category to show.
  • Testimonial  type – there are four layouts of single testimonial content
  • Carousel Settings– Testimonials are in carousel, so you can set carousel options (navigation type, postition, colors, background, speed, gap, number of testimonials per slide,)
  • Carousel Navigation Color
  • Carousel Background Pattern
  • Carousel Background color
  • Carousel Background color 2
  • Carousel Text color
  • Carousel Speed in ms
  • Carousel Slides per view (integer or auto)
  • Carousel Gap between slides