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Social Sharing

You can add Sharing section below content on pages, portfolio items or posts. You can find the code for sharing in functions.php in function brankic_single_share() and if you know, you can change it (medium JavaScript, PHP and HTML knowledge is a must).

  • Social sharing for pages (turn on/off)
  • Social sharing for posts(turn on/off)
  • Social sharing for portfolio items (turn on/off)

Icon options are the same one as in Brankic Icon shortcodes. Check Icon Box section where you’ll find examples of different icon layouts

Icon Options

  • Icons shape – In fact, this is the background shape around the icon (diamond, circle, rectangle or nothing). Other options are self-explanatory
  • Icon color
  • Icon hover color
  • Background color
  • Background hover color
  • Border color
  • Border hover color

Sharing Options

  • Facebook share
  • Twitter share
  • LinkedIn share
  • Google Plus share
  • Tumblr share
  • Pinterest share